Foreign nationals must arrive in Australia with a passport from a nation that is recognized by Australia that is valid for at least three months in order to be eligible for the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) for Australia and the eVisitor application for Australia.

In addition to proving that they meet the government of Australia's requirements for their physical health and moral standing, applicants for an Australian visa will also need to state whether they are visiting for business or pleasure. A separate type of Australian Visa must be applied for by applicants who have been convicted of a crime and have served more than one year in prison since they are ineligible to complete the application process.

Anyone traveling to Australia on a passport issued by the United States or Taiwan is not eligible to use the eVisitor Australia application; instead, they must submit an ETA Australia application. Depending on the country chosen, the form will either submit an application for the ETA Australia program or automatically apply for the eVisitor Australia program.

After completing the sections of the Australian visa stamping service form that ask for your personal and passport information, you must examine everything and confirm that all of the information is true and accurate.

The Australian application process for Visa

The majority of visas are processed and issued within a few hours, and the application process for an Australian visa is quick and simple. In actuality, the bulk of applications—roughly 90%—are processed in a single day.

However, for the registration of an Australian visa to be successful, the applicant's personal information on the online form for an Australian visa must exactly match the information on the applicant's passport. The applicant's passport must match the one used to apply for the Visa to enter Australia in order to travel to and enter Australia.

If it is determined that the applicant has provided false information or incorrect documentation while applying for a visa to enter Australia, the visa stamping will be immediately denied. The Australian Migration Authority will advise the applicant of this, and depending on the situation, they might be able to reapply with the proper documentation or for a different visa.



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