Certificate attestation is a crucial process for individuals planning to work, study, or settle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is a mandatory requirement to validate the authenticity of foreign documents in the UAE. Understanding the cost associated with this procedure is essential for anyone embarking on this journey. In this blog post, we will explore the various factors that influence the cost of certificate attestation in the UAE and provide you with valuable insights into budgeting for this essential process.

  1. Type of Document

The cost of UAE certificate attestation largely depends on the type of document you need to attest. Common documents that require attestation include educational certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates, and commercial documents. Each type of document might have a different fee structure, so it's important to identify the category your document falls under.

  1. Government Fees

Government fees play a significant role in determining the overall cost of certificate attestation. The UAE government charges fees for attesting documents, and these fees can vary depending on the type of document and the country where the document was issued. Before starting the attestation process, it's crucial to research and understand the specific government fees applicable to your case.

  1. Document Source Country

The cost of certificate attestation can also vary based on the country where your document originates. Documents from countries with diplomatic agreements or strong diplomatic ties with the UAE may have a lower attestation cost compared to documents from countries with fewer diplomatic relations.

  1. Urgency

Urgency is another factor that can affect the cost of certificate attestation. If you need your documents attested quickly, you may have to pay additional fees for expedited services. It's advisable to plan your attestation well in advance to avoid rush fees.

  1. Service Provider

Choosing a reputable service provider is crucial when it comes to certificate attestation. Different agencies or companies offer attestation services, and their fees can vary. While it may be tempting to opt for the cheapest option, it's essential to consider the reliability and efficiency of the service provider. Low-cost providers may not always provide the same level of service quality or guarantee a hassle-free process.

  1. Additional Services

Sometimes, you may require additional services such as document translation or notarization as part of the attestation process. These supplementary services will add to the overall cost. Be sure to inquire about all the services you need and their associated fees.

  1. Shipping and Handling

Shipping and handling costs can also impact the total cost of certificate attestation. If you need to send your documents to and from the UAE, consider these expenses in your budget. Expedited shipping services may come at an extra cost.


Certificate attestation is an essential step for anyone planning to use foreign documents in the UAE. Understanding the factors that influence the cost of attestation is crucial for proper budgeting. The type of document, government fees, document source country, urgency, choice of service provider, additional services, and shipping costs all contribute to the final expense.

To ensure a smooth and cost-effective attestation process, it's recommended to research thoroughly, plan ahead, and seek assistance from reputable attestation service providers if needed. By doing so, you can navigate the intricacies of certificate attestation in the UAE efficiently and with confidence.


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