In order to enter Thailand, whether for pleasure or business, or as a stopover on route to another country, an Indian passport holder will need a Thailand visa. Tourist visas for up to 30 days may be obtained upon arrival in any of Thailand's ports by Indian nationals. However, you should know that there is no such thing as a Bangkok visa for Indians, and instead, you must get a Thailand visa application.

Distinct visa applications procedures.

After arriving in the nation, most short-term tourist visas don't need a formal application procedure. You may apply for a Thai visa at the immigration counter upon arrival. For Indian citizens, a 30-day visa will be issued.

You must apply for long-term and non-immigrant visas in advance of your arrival in the country. There are two Indian organisations that have been approved by the Thai embassy to handle the application procedure on behalf of potential applicants in Thailand. 

Alternatively, you may fill out the form online, send it to the nearest embassy or consulate, and then sit tight while they process your application. Within three days of submitting the application, a decision will be made about the status of the visa.

For long-term and nonimmigrant categories, you may apply online or offline, depending on your schedule.

Is it possible to get a visa for Thailand from the United States?

Thailand visas may also be applied for online. You'll have to go to the VFS Global Thailand page on their website. You may enter your basic personal information into this form and submit it online. For the application procedure, you must pick one of the Thailand Embassy and Consulates in India according to where you live in India. Only in New Delhi can you find the Royal Thai Embassy and Consulate Generals in Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

For short-term tourist purposes of up to 30 days in Thailand, you do not need to apply for a visa before to arrival. To get a visa, just go to the immigration office at the airport and provide the required documentation, including a return airline ticket.

Required Visitor or Transit Visa Documents

●    Passport having at least two blank pages and a validity of at least four months.
●    Fill up and sign the visa application form.
●    According to the receipt for the visa cost from the Royal Thai Embassy, you must submit two photos in colour.
●    Flight tickets for both the return and the further journey have been confirmed.
●    An official letter from a hotel or from a close friend or family member verifying that you would be staying in Thailand. It is necessary to provide the names and passport numbers of all group members, as well as the destinations in Thailand where they will be going.
●    While staying with friends or family, an invitation letter and their passport number are required. Work permits for non-Thai nationals must be valid for at least six months. 
●    Verification of the existence of adequate resources


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