For getting your documents attested from the Saudi Embassy, you would at first need to get all your personal and educational documents attested by the concerned authority of the HRD and the Ministry of External Affairs. A stamp of attestation signifies that your documents are properly verified by the departments and all you need is to get the Saudi Embassy attestation to start with the process of getting visa and moving abroad. Also if you want to go to Kuwait, you would need Kuwait Embassy attestation. Now the question which makes everyone wonder is how long does it take to get this procedure done?

Usually, it takes 1-2 months to complete the entire procedure of attestation. However, in some cases, it may take more time since it is something very crucial and thorough check up and verification is done before giving the final stamp. As mentioned earlier, getting attestation by the Embassy is the third step of the entire process. At first, you need to attest all your educational documents from the Education Department of the State Government where you reside.

Educational documents comprises of all your secondary and matriculation certificates, diploma and degree certificates and graduation and post graduation certificates. In this regard, it must be mentioned that for getting attestation of these documents, you shall have to go there personally as no agency or third party is allowed to carry out the work on your behalf. After this is done, you will have to go to the MEA. Here, you will get both your educational and personal documents attested. You will have to submit all your documents both in original and in photocopies along with which you will also submit your photographs.

In case you need to track the order, you can do so in the mentioned website of the Embassy or in case you are doing this through any certificate attestation service, you can ask their executive to track the progress of your document. You can also visit the office of the embassy and check your progress yourself. With the availability of so many certificate attestation services, the work for going and checking the progress repeatedly has now lessened to a great extent. These services charge a very nominal rate and they collect all your documents and return them to you with full security after the entire process is completed. These companies appoint professionals who can do your work with full responsibility.

Thus, all you have to do is to look for attestation for your documents as early as possible in order to get things completed on time. The mode of payment is also very swift and easy. Getting your documents attested is no more a big deal after there are so many certified cervices. Just check once whether they are authorized. Once you are confirmed about it, just submit the documents and relax till it is returned to you at your door step.



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