Indians may have family members in Saudi Arabia country. If you want to visit members of your family who live in Saudi Arabia, you'll require a Family Visit Visa

If you are not from one of the GCC nations or one of the other countries that are exempt from the visa requirement, you will need the authorization to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. If you're visiting a first-degree relative in Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, you can apply for a Saudi Family Visit Visa. 

Valid for up to ninety days, or a longer period, if the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Foreign Affairs approves it. Because you have this permit, you can travel to the country to see family and participate in tourism activities.

How you can apply for a Family Visit Visa to Saudi Arabia?

The method for applying for a family visit permit in this country differs greatly from other countries. Even though the procedure can be completed online, Indians must finish it offline. Furthermore, the Saudi embassy would not accept applications that have been submitted in person. 

As a result, you'll need to contact a travel agency so that they can take care of everything for you. Before you apply for the visa, you should double-check the eligibility requirements. After you've completed this, you can go to the following step in the application process, which is as follows: 

●    The collection of all necessary papers is the first step in the procedure.

●    After you've gathered these items, go to the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs website and download the application form. 

●    Please continue to fill out the form. You have the choice of writing it by hand or printing it first and then handwriting it. 

●    Make an online payment to the travel agent for the visa fees. Payments sent directly to the embassy are not permitted. 

●    Attach the supporting documents to the application form and send it all to the Saudi Embassy via your travel agent. 

●    Please double-check that all needed fields are completed accurately and uploaded to the original documents. A visa application may be denied if fraudulent information or falsified documents are presented. If your permit application is denied, it will reflect poorly on your travel history. 


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