We need to understand the fact about attestation services in India we need to know about basic things related to attestation services in our country. Apostille- India is the member of Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, sine 2005. It expounds the abolishment the requirement of legalization of foreign public certification. An Apostille is done for personal documents like birth, marriage, death and other certificates. Educational documents like degree, diploma, masters, secondary level and much more; any document which is Apostille is meant for accepted by all the 104 member countries of Hague convention. 

If your certificate is going to use and in a country which is already a member of Hague Convention, you have to Apostille your certificate. In India, it is available in most of the cities of the state which are significantly working and satisfying, any customers all over the country. For example, let us take an example of any Gulf countries like Oman.

If you are looking to visit Oman; before traveling to Oman the first things you need is VISA and passport. If you are looking for the job is Oman then you need to make your documents certified by New Delhi or respective of your region. There is the various step which helps in making your document approved, here are the steps:

1.    The first work and attested done by human resource development of the respective provinces you are living and applying from. 

2.    Then the document will transfer from attested by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. 

3.    And then this document will finally certify by Oman embassy in India. 

Here are the following subcategories where you need to attest your documents for various uses such are:

Educational Related Documents

  •   Any Degree Certificate
  •   Post Graduation Degree Certificate
  •   BE Certificate
  •   Diploma Certificate
  •   Nursing Certificate
  •   Senior Secondary Certificate
  •   HSC Certificate
  •   Inter Certificate
  •   MBBS Certificate
  •   Dentists Certificate
  •   Engineering Certificate
  •   Transcript Certificate
  •   Nursing Certificate
  •   Pharmacy Certificate
  •   MS Certificate
  •   MD Certificate

Non-Educational pertaining Documents

  •   Marriage Certificate
  •   Birth Certificate
  •   Leaving Certificate
  •   Police Clearance
  •   Registration Certificate
  •   Power of Attorney Certificate
  •   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
  •   Bona-fide Certificate
  •   Medical Certificate

Commercial/business related Documents

  •   Export Invoice
  •   Packaging list
  •   Power of Attorney
  •   Certificate of Origin
  •   Incorporation certificate
  •   Chemical analysis report related to business
  •   Physical analysis report related to business

There are various uses of certificates which are necessary to be authenticated from India to move ahead in life for doing many things according to t your needs. Like we have discussed Oman Embassy Attestation similarly there is various other embassy attestation services provide by many companies to ensure your visiting plan to that respective country.

Thus attestation plays a very significant and foremost role in getting your many program successes and legally approved. So attest your different need of getting the document certified from India as per your needs and requirements.


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