For those unfamiliar with the topic, the first question is: What is Saudi Employment Visa Stamping? This type of visa allows or authorizes an emigrant to work in Saudi Arabia under the sponsorship of a Saudi company or citizen. 

What's the best option to go about it? Before getting your Saudi visa stamped, you'll need to obtain the following documents: 

●    Wakala Paper (Visa Delegation Paper) in the name of Shaba Enterprises (Wakala Paper) 
●    A medical report from a GCC-approved medical facility. 
●    Original Individual Contract Agreement from the sponsor with full candidate details (Name, Passport No., Profession, Salary, etc.) and attestation from the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Saudi Ministry of External Affairs (for New Delhi wakala) 
●    Original PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) is issued by the passport office, officially attested by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India (only for submission in Delhi) 
●    A notary public must attest all professional degrees and certificates (should be done consecutively) 
●    State Government HRD Ministry of External Affairs, (MEA) Saudi Cultural Attache, Government of India and Saudi Embassys Company Registration (C.R) copy or Employer's Iqama copy 

The Documents required for attaining visa may change depending on the situation. 

A new phrase to add to your Saudi emigrant lexicon is 'Iqama.' Expatriates who come to Saudi Arabia on an employment visa are given an Iqama, which is a residence permit. The Iqama is only good for a few months to a year. This is a critical document that may be required in banks, hospitals, and other institutions. 

Look for a trustworthy and Saudi-approved agent, and who can assist you with Saudi work visa stamping online with no delays. All of this is required of you is to present yourself with the relevant documents for a Saudi visa at one of best service provider closest to you.


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