Attestation of anything promises the credibility of every of the document and hence it holds a visible role in travelling and visiting foreign countries. The country Oman is by no further means called different from others, an individual has to compulsorily do attestation of his or her documents prior to visiting that particular place. In addition to that not being a part of Hague Convention assures the attestation procedure mandatory in Oman. Doesn’t matter if its personal or commercial documents attestation, it is must to make sure the documents are authentic.

With the will to visit Oman  and for that in order to get a valid visa the individual has to attest all educational/Personal certificates, professional or academic, that he or she got from India by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in Oman for the forward attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman Government before grant of Oman Visa.  And the important part to notice is that for processing of these documents it takes around 15 to 20 days which is quite usual.

 All the attestation services are presented in the embassy of Oman which allows using it for all sorts of educational and marital documents providing the applicant right to live legal prerogatives.According to the new curriculum of certificate attestation it is now necessary to get a job in Oman, so another time you are wishing to have a visit to Oman or you get a job.To visit there the Oman Attestation follows a procedure which undergoes in a choice of places offering the Attestation service in India involving, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Jaipur and various other cities. 

 And according to the government of Oman they will need all of your educational/Personal certificates, involving that of professional or academic, given by or by the means of India to be attested by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in Oman for forward or further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Oman Government before the grant of Oman Visa.

Oman Embassy attestation is needed by people usually when an individual gets a job or residential permit to live in Oman. Oman is quite different from other gulf countries as it accepts Apostille procedure also.  To visit Oman there is Oman Embassy attestation which takes a lot of time and documentation as well as attestation is also very difficult, and for especially when an individual needs Oman Embassy attestation on a degree certificate or just by some limited educational qualification.  For that most of the companies prefer their employees to do Apostille.

Requirements of Getting attested for Oman
1.    Genuine highest degree duly? Authenticated? By the human resource development ministry. (It is suggested to get attested only the degree directed on which you got the job offer)
2.    Mark sheet photocopies of all the semester which are visible clearly. 
3.    Photocopy of passport which is clearly visible (both front & back pages) 
4.    Offer letter copy that you got from company.

 Also when the certificate or the documents are given in the Embassy it requires for VERIFICATION from the concerned universities from where the degree is pursued.  And this verification demand is sent to the University,and the university has to reply to Embassy regarding that. If the verification of the documents is found correct, the Embassy Culture Department attests the document else the individual foes in trouble. 



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