Human Resources and Development (HRD) is a governmental agency where employees are allocated to work. As a state-level procedure, only the ministry's highest-ranking staff may approve an HRD attestation request. Before applying for a job in a foreign country, candidates must have their academic and professional qualifications certified and confirmed.

Who Qualifies for HRD Certification?

Are you going to take a cruise? If you've applied to a foreign university or gotten a job offer outside of the United States and want to apply for a visa, what are your options? Getting your papers authenticated by the Ministry of Human Resources and Development is one of the first steps toward that goal. Visiting the Middle East? The Kuwait Embassy in Washington, D.C. may certify your travel documents. Legalizing and approving the supplied paperwork is made possible by attestation at the state level. HRD certification is required for visa applications by everyone, from students to businesspeople to the general public.

Why is HRD Attestation Necessary?

HRD attestations are a required step for anybody wishing to pursue academic or professional possibilities outside of their home country. Proof of your identity and nationality may be found in the confirmed papers. Your visa, whether it a work permit, a student visa, or any other kind of permission, will be issued by the other nation based on the HRD attestation. 

All educational credentials must be authenticated and signed by state government authorities in order for you to get a visa. Depending on where you live, the laws may be different than in your nation. Check Oman's attestation requirements if you plan on applying to Middle Eastern nations like Oman.

How Do I Get HRD Certification?

You can't just hand in your paperwork to the HRD department right now. Prior to being considered for admission, candidates must be vetted by university and local government authorities. It may seem time consuming, but it's essential if you want to prevent any misunderstandings in the future. Your application will have more credibility and a greater chance of being granted at the embassy if it gets endorsements from both local and state officials. 

Services for the Attestation of Degrees

Here, academic and nonacademic credentials are authenticated, validated, and examined. In this category, you'll likely find things like mark sheets from high school or college, diplomas and certificates from colleges and universities and marriage certificates and divorce paperwork as well as POW documentation and more.

Process of HRD Certification

HRD certification service may be completed in as little as one day. In order to apply, the applicant must provide a number of papers in addition to his or her certifications, which is a straightforward but time-consuming procedure. Your original certificates, Xerox copies of each, and two recent pictures must be presented to the examiner. In order for these attestations to be authenticated by the secretariat, they must first be delivered to the Ministry of External Affairs.


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