When we talk about UAE attestation which is possible or not without HRD, then we need understand that what is attestation? This is the process to officially state the genuineness of the documents or certificate from its concerned department or government authority. There are various needs of attestation services. Different certification requirement has different authorities which authenticate the certificate and also deals, with another power level to make it properly certified regards to its authority level. 

Educational documents:
•    To obtain an employment VISA in Gulf
•    For your higher education
•    Or any other certificates. 

Non-educational documents:
•    To obtain residential VISA.
•    For admission of children in school, college, university. 
•    To receive any experience certificate etc. 

Yes, the United Arab Emirates government office has made human resource development (HRD) of respective state, mandatory for attestation of an educational certificate. Earlier it was not like that, those who did not have HRD attestation were able to attest their documents from UAE consulate. 

Only on –educational certificates do not need the HRD attestation for example:
•    Birth certificates
•    Marriage certificates
•    Transfer documents etc.

These certificates can attest from UAE without HRD help. 
Documents required for Educational Certificate Attestation from HRD

 Original certificate
 Passport copy
 Visa Copy
 Degree copy
 Mark sheet all year
 Higher Secondary Certificate

UAE Embassy Attestation and different nations where guests are typically more and these necessities to take think about mindfully like another locale. Speedy international haven one of the trustable organizations which guarantee appropriate government office verification administrations regarded to your meeting nation and fulfilled every one of your records confirmation work exactly.

Attestation services are essential in setting to make your reports very much endorsed by the specialist of different levels to make your personality well and prepared for going to your separate nation. Your report should be approved by the specific expert like human asset office, the service of outer undertakings and international haven identified with your particular country. Additionally, there are more than 40 organizations and offices in Delhi NCR where from you can make your embassy attestation verification quick and effortlessly. Select those organizations which have brand value and better involvement and brand an incentive to do confirmation works rapidly and with less cost.

UAE Embassy Attestation procedure:
1.    The regional Authentication Center (RAC) or in other words HRD from issues respective state. 
2.    Then in next step ministry of external affairs, New Delhi will certify the documents for further transferring to United Arab Emirates Embassy (New Delhi).
3.    When any person goes from India to UAE for the necessity of job, then he/.she need to be authenticated by UAE Embassy of India or respective country he/she belong to. 

In context to making and getting certified your documents, you need to choose best service company according to your attestation needs. Be careful not to choose any agents who are dealing with a specific location to do fraudulent with you or you may lose your documents. 


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