Attestation of a document or certificate by MEA or HRD. The Indian Embassy or Consulate in Qatar must verify the personal educational/academic credentials supplied by India before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Government may award a Qatar visa.

Step 1. Documents/Certificates for Qatar Must Be Notarized

For official reasons, Qatar Embassy Attestation requires that documents and certifications be authenticated. The notary attestation is the first stage. You must now submit the notarized papers and certifications to the Home Department for attestation. For Home Department attestation, a document or certificate must be authentic.

Step 2. Qatari SDM Attestation(option A)

Delhi is home to the Sub-divisional Magistrate's Office. Afterwards, you must get the certifications and papers certified by the MEA and then the Embassy.

Qatar HRD on a document/certificate is an option in Step 2 (option B).

Attestation of all certificates and papers issued by paramedical and medical institutions, government schools, the Government Technical Board, and others is handled by the State HRD. Attestation is done by the Ministry of External Affairs, and the document is then sent to the Embassy for attestation. If you want to have a MEA attestation, you may also get the Mantralaya attestation done.

Document/certificate for Qatar from the home department (option C) 

The first step is to seek attestation from the Home Department before submitting the certificates and papers to the Ministry of External Affairs. The Home Department authenticates a document or certificate after evaluating its substance. An authenticated document or certificate is one that accurately reflects the document's or certificate's originality or authenticity.

Assertion of Eligibility 

The Ministry of External Affairs performs MEA attestation for Qatar. Prior to submission to the Qatar Embassy, the MEA authenticates all papers and certifications issued in any Indian state. attestation from the education or home department is required for MEA attestations. All certifications and papers issued by MEA, even those not related to education, business, or the government, are attested by MEA.

In order to have the papers authenticated by the Qatar Embassy, you must first have the MEA attestation completed. If the certificate is already authenticated by the MEA, the Qatar embassy would be able to authenticate all forms of non-educational, educational, and commercial papers.

The last step is the attestation of the Qatar Embassy Attestation Certificate from the MEA and HRD. An Indian Embassy or Consulate in Qatar must authenticate all educational and personal papers produced by India in order to get a visa for Qatar.

Fees/Costs for Attestation in Qatar 

●    Embassy Fees for Educational Documents/Certificates: $2,400* per document for each kind of document.
●    In the case of a non-educational document or certificate, the Embassy charges a fee of 2,400* per document.
●    For commercial documents such as agreements, powers of attorney, certificates of origin, and other similar documents, embassy fees begin at $5,500* per document.


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