Due to Dubai's fame, many tourists visit this city every year. To enter Dubai and participate in tourism activities there, you will require a tourist visa for Dubai that is valid for a specific period. Your primary travel documentation and details are necessary to obtain the Dubai visa in the form of an electronic authorization (E-Visa). 

How to Complete an Online Dubai Visa Application?

OTAs (online travel agencies) and the Dubai Visa Processing Center accept electronic visa applications for entry into Dubai (DVPC). You can choose to reserve your airline tickets directly with Emirates and then use their website to request a tourist visa for Dubai. All you need to do for accessing your reservation is sign in to the airline's website, go to the "Manage Booking" section, and enter your booking details in the relevant fields. Then, by choosing the option to apply for a visa to the United Arab Emirates, you can apply for a visa to Dubai from Delhi. 

Fill out the Dubai application module's visa form and upload the necessary documents to obtain a Dubai e-visa. This will be necessary to get a Dubai e-visa. You must first obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor before submitting an online application for a work visa in Dubai. Your employer must apply for such a visa on the employee's behalf, and the procedure must be complete before the employee arrives in the UAE.

Four steps comprise the expedited booking procedure for a Dubai visa using an OTA. They are as follows:

1. Getting a quote from a travel website.

2. Use your credit card, debit card, or electronic wallet to pay the online processing fee.

3. Upload all of the necessary paperwork for your visa application on your online travel agency (OTA) website.

4. You can get online real-time updates on the progress of your application for a Dubai visa, and you'll eventually get your e-visa emailed to the email address you gave when you signed up for it.

You must choose the type of visa you will be applying for, though, before you can start the procedure.

Required paperwork for a visa application to Dubai

Regardless of whether you are traveling to Dubai for business or pleasure, you will need to provide the following types of evidence to apply for a visa:

●    Your passport must still be valid for at least another six months.
●    A black-and-white photocopy of the filled-out visa application form.
●    Two-color photographs with white backgrounds have been scanned in.
●    The applicant has written a cover letter outlining the reason for his visit and the duration of his stay.
●    Tickets that have been confirmed for the return flight.
●    Proof that you've made hotel reservations for each night of your trip to Dubai.
●    Your income tax returns, both in original and copy form, and a photocopy of your Permanent Account Number (PAN) card.
●    Both the original and a scanned copy of your investment documentation. Should have established deposits of at least Rs. 5 lac in investments (FDs).
●    A letter of authorization from a lady's father or her husband is required for a woman under 24 to travel alone.

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