Attestation of documents is one of the most important tasks that need to be accomplished before applying for a visa for going abroad. Attesting a document means to verify the authenticity of the document by the authorized personnel. You need certificate attestation whenever you are making a transfer of visa, moving abroad with your family, for going to any foreign country to study further and also for seeking a job abroad Any document is said to have been attested if it bears the signature and official stamp of the person who is attesting your document.

However, the entire procedure of attestation comprises of many phases, two of them being HRD attestation and MEA attestation. Although these two teams are often used synonymously, their exit a lot of differences between these two. So it is always advisable to properly know the differences between the two and then move select the ones which you need.

1.    HRD Attestation: When you are moving abroad for higher education, you need to provide your educational document to the Home Department for authentication and verification. This process is known as HRD Attestation. You will be getting your document verified by the regional authentication centre by the state government.

However, while getting the HRD attestation, you have to be present there physically. No agency or any third party is allowed to do this work for you. All your original documents along with their photocopies and your photographs should be given to the authority for attestation. The State Education Department attests all your educational documents. Your document shall be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs only when they have this HRD attestation.

2.    MEA Attestation: The next phase that you need to enter after your documents are attested by the Home Department is the MEA Attestation. It is the authentication of documents by the Ministry of External Affairs. These are of two types: 

    Apostille attestation: In case you’re planning to move to a country that had been a member of the Hague Convention of 1961, then you shall need an Apostille attestation. All the personal documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificates, death certificates, power of attorney and affidavits are verified by the MEA. Besides these, you need to provide educational documents such as matriculation certificate, diploma and degree certificates forgetting the Apostille attestation. At present, 105 countries of the world give this Apostille attestation. Educational documents without having attestation from the HRD will not be accepted for attestation.

    Normal Attestation: This type of attestation is required for the countries who were not the participants of Hague Convention. One needs to have normal attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs and there is no requirement of Apostille attestation. 

These were the basic ideas about the two types of attestations which are mandatory for everyone going abroad for any reason. Having these attestations legalizes our documents and makes sure of your authenticity. You would not face any problem after going abroad.


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