Middle East is such a place where you will have all the opportunities with regard to business, job and education. However, if you are looking forward to shift to Qatar and Oman for job, then one of the necessary things that you need to do is document attestation. By attesting your documents, the concerned authority confirms about the authenticity of your educational documents. The things that need to be attested are:

1.    School Leaving and College Leaving Certificates.
2.    Degree certificates from college and University- both for graduation and post graduation.
3.    All your educational mark sheets from secondary level onwards.
4.    Diploma Certificates

In this regard it should be mentioned that all the documents should be produced both in priginal and photocopies to get the process done. The procedure through which any document is legalized varies from one country to another. As per the international law, a foreign country’s legal system recognizes your documents if it has the attestation. The procedure of getting your educational certificates attested is discussed here in details.

Oman: In case you need certificate attestation from Oman, you will need to first get it attested by the mother country. Oman Embassy Attestation will only be done if you have all the necessary attestations from before. All the above mentioned educational certificates have to be attested from the Home Department of your state and then from the Ministry of External Affairs. Following these procedures, you will have to get things attested from the Oman Embassy. Once it is done, you shall be able to freely join any course in Oman and also can fulfil any professional commitments. You will have to register yourself for the attestation before in order to get things done on time.

Qatar: In order to attest any document from Qatar, the Qatar Embassy generally requires all your educational documents that have prior attestation from the HRD and MEA. Qatar Embassy Attestation is not much complicated procedure. Along with the educational documents, you will have to attach other documents which are mandatory. Besides the certificates and mark sheets, you will have to get a verification letter without which none of your document will be attested. Also, this letter must have an attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs. 

In case you do not have adequate time to get all these attestation works done by yourself, you can take help of various certificate attestation services who can do this work on your behalf. A recent survey among the customers who have used this service before reveals that they are very much satisfied with the quality of service they had received.

Thus you can lay rest assured about all your documents being delivered to you on time bearing the proper attestation with so much efficient service, this work has become much easier and reliable. But despite this, you yourself should confirm whether a particular certificate attestation service has been registered. It is always better to check everything before proceeding.


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