The procedure for legalizing a foreign document varies from country to country. In international law, attestation is the process of certifying a document so a foreign country’s legal system will recognize it. The process is used routinely in international commerce.

For getting the Educational Certificate Attestation for Kuwait an individual will have to firstly get it attested from your home country followed by the Attestation from Kuwait Embassy. Once you receive Educational Certificate Attestation for Kuwait from Kuwait Embassy and get your documents verified from the Saudi embassy attestation it validates all your valuable original documents and are thus established.

The attestation of certificates for Kuwait is a quite simple, straightforward and an easy process.   In this they have categorized Certificates in three kinds that is educational, non educational and commercial. 

Educational certificate attestation for Kuwait:

The involvement of documents which are attested (Graduation Degree, P G Degree, Diploma and all other professional degree/certificates, etc) will come under the Educational certificates attestation for Kuwait.

At the initial stage all the certificates of individual are authenticated by the HRD of the respective state from which they originate later followed by getting attested by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).  

Commercial certificate attestation for Kuwait:

For the attestation of all the commercial documents which specifically involve (agreements, Business Registration certificate, Business Patent, Certificate of Origin, Power of Attorney, No Objection Certificate, Sale Tax Certificate) etc.


At the very first all the documents are attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce which is later followed by getting attested from the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).   And ultimately, the certificates are attested from the Embassy of the state of Kuwait in New Delhi.

Educational Degree Certificate Attestation from Saudi Embassy in India- In the primary stage the certificate needs to bear Attestation by State Educational Department (HRD specifically) of particular state. In the second stage, the certificate undergoes Attestation from Ministry External Affairs (MEA), Government of India. In the third stage, the Cultural Attaché of the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi will put the cultural attestation stamp. After that point the Saudi Embassy in New Delhi, India finishes the entire attestation process by putting its seal and signature;

Kuwait Certificate Attestation is a sensitive procedure and must strictly be followed to the guidelines issued by the Kuwait Embassy. If the document is legalized and procures the Kuwait Embassy Attestation, it is truly useful and is totally applicable throughout the Kuwait and assures that the particular document is original regarding the regulations. Indian Certificates are of three kinds Educational Degrees, non- educational Personal and commercial Business Certificates. 

Embassy Attestation is carried out in non-Apostille authentication case.The certification that the photocopy of an authentic document is a true copy comprises the procedure of the Kuwait embassy attestation process. It is not same as an Acknowledgement, a statement by the maker of the document that verifies its authenticity. Also degree certificate is a necessary thing if you want to apply for attestation of your document regarding the job offered by particular firm in Kuwait.


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