Any document that originates in India and is intended for use in China must be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in India. In order to get an China Embassy attestation, you'll need to get it from another regulatory body as well, which adds to the duration of the procedure.

The typical form of attestation for China is to get the certificate/document legalized by the China Embassy. Document/certificate authentication is required while applying for work visas in China/pursuing further education in China/bringing your family to China. An valid certificate may be authenticated using the attestation procedure. To begin the visa application procedure, China necessitates the attestation of your educational and personal papers.

Attestation by the China Embassy: What are the advantages?

●    Obtaining a work visa in China enhances the number of job options available to you.
●    Getting an education in China is made easier using this method.
●    In order to get a resident visa for you and your family, you need first establish residency in China.
●    Another benefit is getting your child accepted into Chinese schools and obtaining an equivalent credential.

How to Obtain the Attestation of the Chinese Embassy?

On the basis of the document and the purpose of attestation, the procedure for China Embassy Attestation varies:

Writing a School Assignment:

Type A Affirmation: (Case Specific)

●    Notarization of Indian Certificates from Public Notary Officers in the individual states would be the first step in the attestation process.
●    Then, the document is authenticated by the state's Human Resources Department, from where it was issued.
●    The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi will adhere to the attestation procedure.
●    The China Embassy in New Delhi will provide the official seal of approval.

Type B Affirmation: 

●    A document is first attested by the Human Resources Department of the state from where it was issued, and then it is attested by a third party.
●    The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi will conduct the attestation procedure.At the China Embassy in New Delhi, a final attestation will be made.

The Home Department's role and attestation process in China

Attestation from Home Department is essential before sending papers to MEA for attestation. The certificates are authenticated by the Home Department after they have been thoroughly examined for content. Certifying a certificate's validity is a matter of verifying its legitimacy. Attestations of Chinese credentials follow the same rules as those for other countries.

Attestation of all credentials issued by the Government Technical Board, medical and paramedical institutions, Government Schools, universities, and other organizations is done by the HRD ministry, which is the Human Resource Department of the State. Certificates are sent to the Department of External Affairs and the Embassy for certification after the attestation procedure is complete.


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