China Embassy Attestation

China Embassy Attestation

All the paperwork must be authenticated before it can be used legally in China. A document's authenticity and legitimacy are confirmed by an embassy's attestation. Importance: Crucial for obtaining legal status in China and accessing resident or worker benefits.

So, why is it beneficial to have an embassy certify your document?
If you want to use your papers legally in China for a lengthy period of time and take advantage of the country's many opportunities, embassy authentication is a must. Here are a few of the many advantages of having your documents attested to.

  • ♦   Obtaining one is crucial to working in China and mandated by law
  • ♦   It's crucial for filing for a resident visa, as well as visas for one's family, spouse, and children, which expands one's      options for settling down.
  • ♦   Attestation is crucial if you want to go to college in China.
  • ♦   It facilitates your child's enrollment in a school in China.
  • ♦   It's crucial when you move up or down in an organization, or when your pay scale shifts significantly.
  • ♦   Power of attorney, death, and medical benefits are all easier to get after you have citizenship.
  • ♦   It may be used for the registration of marriages and births in China.
  • ♦   It's a prerequisite for obtaining for a passport as a sole dependent.

What procedures must be followed to certify to the validity of the documents?
The papers may be authenticated by the Chinese embassy via agents who have been pre-approved by the embassy and are authorised to certify documents on their behalf for a fee. We are one of the leading attestation service providers, and we guarantee a simple and stress-free embassy attestation procedure for all of your documents.

Steps for Attesting Commercial Documents
  • ♦   The Chambers of Commerce provide the first attestation.
  • ♦   The Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi will conduct the subsequent attestation.
  • ♦   The Chinese embassy in New Delhi provides the final attestation.

The Embassy sets the charge for each attestation service it provides. We provide reliable Embassy Attestation services at a low cost without compromising the security of your papers.

We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

Educational Documents.
♦   Degree Certificate
♦   PG Degree Certificate
♦   BE Certificate
♦   Diploma Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   SSC Certificate
♦   HSC Certificate
♦   Inter Certificate
♦   MBBS Certificate
♦   Dentists Certificate
♦   Engineering Certificate
♦   Transcript Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   Pharmacy Certificate
♦   MS Certificate
♦   MD Certificate

Non-Educational Documents.
♦   Marriage Certificate
♦   Birth Certificate
♦   Leaving Certificate
♦   Police Clearance
♦   Registration Certificate
♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
♦   Bona-fide Certificate
♦   Medical Certificate

Commercial Documents
♦   Export Invoice
♦   Packaging list
♦   Power of Attorney
♦   Certificate of Origin
♦   Certificate of incorporation
♦   Chemical analysis report
♦   Physical analysis report