UAE Visa Stamping

UAE Visa Stamping

The visa stamp show the validity of a person who has applied for an official permit in UAE. They will give you a permit period for which you are allowed to work or stay in UAE. To get your visa stamped on your passport, you will need some documents to get it.

The visa stamp on a passport is the major indication that allow an individual to enter in any country. To enter UAE, you are required to show your authenticity with the help of your attested documents. Then you can proceed for the next steps and the final step is visa stamping in which we can help you with our full efforts.

Documents required for UAE visa stamping are given below:
  • Original Passport
  • Employment Visa
  • Medical Certificate
  • Medical Insurance
  • Passport size photographs

Documents Required at the Consulate for Stamping
  • Medical Certificate
  • Original Passport with minimum validity of 6 months
  • Visa Reference Paper

Different types of visa requires different documents. Employment visa requires documents attested from HRA, MEA or authorized official of respected organization. After arranging these documents, you are required to get your visa stamped on your passport. We are working in this field from a long time and we will get your UAE visa stamping process done in very less time.