Interview Transcription Services

Interview Transcription Services

Interview Transcription is handled by our highly qualified qualitative research specialists. Our well-experienced professional team is managed by the reputed individuals. They have especially worked across numerous dissertations, research projects and theses. It would be a great option for you to avail yourself of the wonderful service and save your time even without a hassle. Interview Transcription is done by professional transcribers who are well versed in the field. It would be helpful for your interview process as they would easily transcript everything accurately.

Data Confidentiality:
The interview Transcription team understands the importance of maintaining privacy during interviews. They would Ensure Confidentiality and treat your information sensitively. ISO/IEC certification guarantees assure your data is always treated with the greatest integrity. There is no need to fear that your interview will fall into the wrong hands.

Why Choose The Professionals?
Our expert team has been transcribing interviews for years and provides highly accurate transcripts that meet your needs. A wide client base includes professionals from diverse disciplines like lawyers, authors, businessmen, journalists, students, recruiters, multimedia professionals, and many others. Affordable interview transcription assures the clients remain proficient in their respective fields. They would also ensure your transcripts are accurate as well as delivered instantly.

•  100% Human-Based Transcription
•  English-language specialists
•  Qualitative coding option
•  Audio recordings manually transcribed by real human transcribers
•  No automated
•  Smart editing of “errs”, “umms”, and other fillers
•  Confidentiality guaranteed

Save Money:
Interview Transcription Services is available with a simple pricing plan, which assures with the same rate even regardless of the number of speakers. Interview Transcripts come with Free Speaker Identification even despite the cross-talking. These also assure with the time stamps. Now you can easily save your money and energy. You do not require to compare the audio of the transcripts.

Highly trained transcriptionists are well versed in offering wonderful services, and quality analysts are skilled in deciphering the international dialects and accents. It is also quite a convenient option for availing the highest levels of service, such as the verbatim transcript. There will not be any kind of repetition and filler, so your document will be completely in the customized format. These would also deliver the error-free transcript according to your specifications.