Russian Embassy Attestation

Russians Embassy Attestation

In order to be recognised by the Russian legal system, a document must go through this process. An embassy attestation attests that a certain document was issued by a legitimate organisation like a university or government department. Validating your paperwork is a must if you plan on staying in Russia for an extended period of time.

What are the advantages of getting an attestation from a foreign embassy?
In order to use papers legally in Russia for a lengthy period of time and to take advantage of several benefits, obtaining embassy certification is essential. Some of the upsides of getting your documents authenticated are listed below.

  • ♦   It makes it easier to get a work visa, which in turn increases one's options in the job market.
  • ♦   Obtaining a resident visa is a prerequisite to settling down in the Russian Federation and is also necessary if you wish to send your children or spouse to school or attend further education institutions there.
  • ♦   This is necessary in the event of a change in the employee's job or pay grade, and it is beneficial for things like transferring power of attorney, obtaining death benefits, and being eligible for medical care on par with U.S. citizens.

  • How might we verify the legitimacy of these documents?
    All types of documents in the realms of academia, business, and the general public may be testified. Each document must be submitted independently for validation by the Embassy. Working with a reliable attestation business that will handle everything on your behalf is usually all that is required to submit papers successfully. You can be certain that your papers will remain secure throughout the authentication process when you use our document attestation service.

    The procedures for getting papers validated by the Embassy vary based on the kind of document that has to be authenticated.

    State Human Resources departments are responsible for the first attestation. The next step is to get it authenticated by New Delhi's Ministry of External Affairs. The Russian Embassy in New Delhi is the place to go for the final document verification, except academic papers. Either the granting state or the Home Department (Mumbai) may do the first attestation.

    The Russian Embassy in New Delhi is responsible for the final attestation, while the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi handles the subsequent attestation.

    The initial certifying is within the purview of the various Chambers of Commerce. Specifically, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in New Delhi has to certify the document twice. To complete the final attestation, you'll need to visit the Russian Embassy in New Delhi.

    We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

    Educational Documents.
    ♦   Degree Certificate
    ♦   PG Degree Certificate
    ♦   BE Certificate
    ♦   Diploma Certificate
    ♦   Nursing Certificate
    ♦   SSC Certificate
    ♦   HSC Certificate
    ♦   Inter Certificate
    ♦   MBBS Certificate
    ♦   Dentists Certificate
    ♦   Engineering Certificate
    ♦   Transcript Certificate
    ♦   Nursing Certificate
    ♦   Pharmacy Certificate
    ♦   MS Certificate
    ♦   MD Certificate

    Non-Educational Documents.
    ♦   Marriage Certificate
    ♦   Birth Certificate
    ♦   Leaving Certificate
    ♦   Police Clearance
    ♦   Registration Certificate
    ♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
    ♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
    ♦   Bona-fide Certificate
    ♦   Medical Certificate

    Commercial Documents
    ♦   Export Invoice
    ♦   Packaging list
    ♦   Power of Attorney
    ♦   Certificate of Origin
    ♦   Certificate of incorporation
    ♦   Chemical analysis report
    ♦   Physical analysis report