Vietnam Embassy Attestation

Vietnam Embassy Attestation

It is crucial to have any documents you want to use in Vietnam validated by the Vietnamese embassy before you use them. The attestation is required so that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Vietnam may do their own attestation before a visa can be issued.

Advantages by having your papers legalised by the Vietnam Embassy
In order to legally use the documents in Vietnam for an extended period of time and to take advantage of the various opportunities in the country, authentication is required. Some of the benefits of having your papers attested to are detailed below.

  • ♦   It facilitates the acquisition of a work visa, which in turn opens up more employment opportunities.
  • ♦   It facilitates the acquisition of a resident visa, as well as visas for the applicant's spouse and minor children, so expanding the applicant's options for establishing permanent residence.
  • ♦   It makes it easier for children to enrol in schools in Vietnam and for adults to pursue higher education.
  • ♦   It's vital in the event that the job hierarchy or salary scale is changed.
  • ♦   It facilitates the acquisition of death benefits, power of attorney transfers, and access to medical coverage on par with that of a citizen.

  • Which kind of authentication may be added to the papers?
    Documents in the fields of education and commerce alike may have their authenticity verified by obtaining an attestation. It is necessary to deliver each document separately to the Embassy for authentication. In most cases, you may get your documents authenticated by a reputable attestation service, relieving you of the burden of having to deal with the formalities on your own. Our document attestation service is the most trusted in the industry, and we guarantee the safety of your documents throughout the authentication process.

    The procedure for obtaining an embassy attestation: what are its components?
    Procedures for having documents confirmed by the Embassy vary depending on the kind of document being submitted for authentication.

    Initial attestation must be performed by the Human Resources Department of the issuing state. The following attestation must be completed by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. The final attestation must be completed by the Vietnamese Embassy in New Delhi.

    Procedures like this are what must be followed in order to verify any papers that have nothing to do with formal schooling. Initial attestation may be performed either by the state issuing the document or by the Home Department in Mumbai. The Embassy of Vietnam in New Delhi is in charge of the final attestation, while the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi handles the following attestation.

    Attestation costs vary by kind of document being authenticated. If you're looking for a reputable and low-cost attestation service, you've come to the right place. We promise to keep your documents safe and to make the attestation procedure as easy as possible for you.

    We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

    Educational Documents.
    ♦   Degree Certificate
    ♦   PG Degree Certificate
    ♦   BE Certificate
    ♦   Diploma Certificate
    ♦   Nursing Certificate
    ♦   SSC Certificate
    ♦   HSC Certificate
    ♦   Inter Certificate
    ♦   MBBS Certificate
    ♦   Dentists Certificate
    ♦   Engineering Certificate
    ♦   Transcript Certificate
    ♦   Nursing Certificate
    ♦   Pharmacy Certificate
    ♦   MS Certificate
    ♦   MD Certificate

    Non-Educational Documents.
    ♦   Marriage Certificate
    ♦   Birth Certificate
    ♦   Leaving Certificate
    ♦   Police Clearance
    ♦   Registration Certificate
    ♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
    ♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
    ♦   Bona-fide Certificate
    ♦   Medical Certificate

    Commercial Documents
    ♦   Export Invoice
    ♦   Packaging list
    ♦   Power of Attorney
    ♦   Certificate of Origin
    ♦   Certificate of incorporation
    ♦   Chemical analysis report
    ♦   Physical analysis report