Norka Attestation

Norka Attestation

Foreign travel sounds exciting, but it involves a great deal of work before one can get a visa.Though some countries are quite straightforward in their visa requirements, there are some that require a lot of documents. So, it involves submitting various important documents to the embassy so that the visa can be granted. And, this also requires attestation of documents. In Kerala itself, almost 18 lakh people are working in Gulf countries. In fact, they constitute about 90% of the total migrant population of Kerala. In order to redress the grievances of these migrant workers, Govt. of Kerala has launched NORKA, which stands for Non-Resident Keralites Affairs Department. This was basically formed for having a viable partnership between the non-resident Keralites abroad and in India with the Govt. of Kerala.

Norka was basically formed to address the problems of the non-resident Keralites and to safeguard their rights. It also takes care of rehabilitating the returning population of Kerala from the various countries.

Why do you need Norka attestation?

There are some countries in Gulf, like UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, where one cannot apply for jobs without attested certificates. So, if one wishes to apply for Government jobs or wish to do professional courses, certificate attestation is mandatory. Even multinational companies and other private companies require attested certificates, without which the jobs are not offered. Given below are some of the processes that need to be followed:

HRD Attestation

This is an attestation that is required and is done from the particular states in which the certificate was generated or acquired.

MEA Attestation

After the HRD Attestation is the attestation from Ministry of External Affairs, or MEA in short.

Embassy Attestation

After MEA attestation is the Embassy attestation, where the foreign embassies do an attestation on the certificates.

These were some of the attestations that are required on the certificates. Getting all these done can be a really complicated process and one might go around in circles, to just get all this accomplished on one’s own. Unless one has the time and energy, it is better to get help from professional attestation services.

Quick Attestation Services provides Norka attestation service, which include attestation of documents pertaining to educational qualifications, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, address proofs and so on.

For anyone who is planning a trip to Gulf countries for employment, higher education, business tours or for the purpose of migration, our Norka certification attestation can really help in taking care of all their attestation requirements. By providing genuine attestation, we also ensure safe handling of all the important and confidential documents. And, you can plan for your travel peacefully, knowing that your attestation is taken care of.

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