Italy Embassy Attestation

Italy Embassy Attestation

Getting papers verified by the Italian Embassy is crucial if you want to work, study, or conduct business in Italy for an extended period of time. Attestations are official statements that a document is legitimate and accurately portrays its contents for purposes of legal usage.

Why is it beneficial to have an embassy certify your document?
Documents that have been attested by the Italian Embassy may be used legally for a longer period of time and with greater ease in Italy. The following are some of the advantages of having documents attested.

  • ♦   It's a must-have if you want to work in Italy and receive a work visa there.
  • ♦   It is crucial for filing for a resident visa, as well as visas for one's family, spouse, and children, which expands one's options for settling down.
  • ♦   It facilitates further education and facilitates enrollment for children in Italian schools.
  • ♦   It's crucial when you move up or down in an organisation, or when your wage range shifts significantly. It's a prerequisite for receiving healthcare and death benefits given to citizens, as well as for transferring power of attorney to another person.
    Among its many applications, the Italian marriage registry finds it particularly helpful.
  • ♦   It's needed for birth registration and passport applications when just one parent is present.

Just how can we verify the authenticity of these papers?
The papers may be authenticated by the Italian Embassy via agents who are recognised as official representatives of the Italian government and who, for a fee, can certify the documents on the Embassy's behalf. We are among the finest suppliers since we make obtaining Embassy attestation easy and secure.

How does the process of embassy attestation work?
The Embassy's attestation process varies from document to document. Below are the methods through which educational papers may be authenticated.

  • ♦   First, the document must be attested by the Human Resources office of the state where it was issued.
  • ♦   Next, it must be attested by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Finally, it must be translated into Italian.
  • ♦   The Italian embassy in New Delhi performs the final attestation.

To complete the process, you must get your document attested by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi, have it translated into Italian, and then have it attested by the Embassy of Italy in New Delhi.

Documents for business use - Here are the procedures for obtaining an attestation.
  • ♦   First, the Chambers of Commerce certify, and then the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi attests.
  • ♦   Attestation by the Embassy necessitates a translation into Italian.
  • ♦   The Italian Embassy in New Delhi provides the final attestation.

When it comes to Embassy Attestation, we are among the top service providers since we provide competitive rates and prioritise the protection of your papers.

We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

Educational Documents.
♦   Degree Certificate
♦   PG Degree Certificate
♦   BE Certificate
♦   Diploma Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   SSC Certificate
♦   HSC Certificate
♦   Inter Certificate
♦   MBBS Certificate
♦   Dentists Certificate
♦   Engineering Certificate
♦   Transcript Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   Pharmacy Certificate
♦   MS Certificate
♦   MD Certificate

Non-Educational Documents.
♦   Marriage Certificate
♦   Birth Certificate
♦   Leaving Certificate
♦   Police Clearance
♦   Registration Certificate
♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
♦   Bona-fide Certificate
♦   Medical Certificate

Commercial Documents
♦   Export Invoice
♦   Packaging list
♦   Power of Attorney
♦   Certificate of Origin
♦   Certificate of incorporation
♦   Chemical analysis report
♦   Physical analysis report