MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) Attestation in Chennai, Mumbai

As of March 1, 2012, the attestation and apostille services formerly provided in-house by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) have been contracted out. As a consequence of Outsourcing, the MEA Counter at CPV Division, Patiala House, and New Delhi would no longer accept any personal documents.

Method for Attesting Documents Under the MEA
Before being submitted to the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi for Attestation or Apostille, all original papers must be authenticated/attested by the appropriate authorities/departments of the State Governments/Union Territory where they were issued. Only when a document has been certified by the appropriate state authority can it be attested by the MEA.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) website ( provides a list of Regional Authentication Centres and recognised authorities. The document or certificate must be attested by the MEA before it may be used in India or internationally. All certifications and papers issued by Indian authorities are valid for use in other countries after being authenticated by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA). In order to do this, -

  • ♦   First, official paperwork must be authenticated.

Documents other than academic transcripts must be attested by the State Home Department of the issuing State or Union Territory before they can be used to enrol in a higher education institution. This includes everything from birth and death certificates to marriage licences and affidavits to driver's licences. The authentication process requires the use of both the Department's seal and the signer's name and designation seal.

The State Education Department of the relevant State Government/Union Territory must first authenticate any educational papers. The authentication process requires the use of both the Department's seal and the signer's name and designation seal.

For commercial papers, the relevant Chambers of Commerce must first validate them before they may be certified by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Every business document has to be notarized by adding the Chamber of Commerce's official rubber stamp and the signatory's full name and title.

  • ♦   Subsequently, get your papers attested or legalised by the MEA.

When a document has been authenticated with the signature and seal/stamp of the appropriate authority of the State Government/Union Territory/Chambers of Commerce from where it was issued, only then would the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) testify to it or legalise it. Certificates and other documents are authenticated by the MEA based only on the signatures of the authorised authorities; the MEA assumes no responsibility for their contents.

Papers Accepted for Attestation and Fees
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not charge for General Attestation of documents. It has, however, established the following Service Charges that we must pay for each document. The following forms and payments must be received from the applicants:

Original document to be certified (a); One clear photocopy of the document (b); One clear photocopy of the passport

When an official document or its authentication is suspected of being faked, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has the authority to confiscate both. The Ministry has the discretion to take legal action against the petitioner if necessary. In no event will we provide you a rebate on the service fee you had paid us.

We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

Educational Documents.
♦   Degree Certificate
♦   PG Degree Certificate
♦   BE Certificate
♦   Diploma Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   SSC Certificate
♦   HSC Certificate
♦   Inter Certificate
♦   MBBS Certificate
♦   Dentists Certificate
♦   Engineering Certificate
♦   Transcript Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   Pharmacy Certificate
♦   MS Certificate
♦   MD Certificate

Non-Educational Documents.
♦   Marriage Certificate
♦   Birth Certificate
♦   Leaving Certificate
♦   Police Clearance
♦   Registration Certificate
♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
♦   Bona-fide Certificate
♦   Medical Certificate

Commercial Documents
♦   Export Invoice
♦   Packaging list
♦   Power of Attorney
♦   Certificate of Origin
♦   Certificate of incorporation
♦   Chemical analysis report
♦   Physical analysis report

Sample of MEA Attestation: