WES Attestation


Wes is an organisation that facilitates the process of obtaining permanent residence status for students abroad. World Education Services, or WES for short, is a group that helps persons who desire to study or work abroad get permanent residence in that country. In order to enrol in college in a number of nations, prospective students must first submit to an ECA. A valid ECA is required when applying for immigration, citizenship, and other legal statuses. If you need an ECA for a degree or diploma, you may count on WES to deliver them. Founded in 1974, WES is a global environmental nonprofit with offices in New York City and Toronto.

Migration across nations is simplified with WES verification. In order to get WES verification, one must submit an application on their own time. In order to apply for WES verification, a fee must be paid.

Application for WES verification using the web:

  • ♦   You'll need to sign up for the WES and establish an account: If you're ready to make an account, please do so at this link: In the place where you see click here, please display this sort of link.
  • ♦   Fill in the school information and check the box that reads "I have evaluated the necessary documentation for this certificate and agree to submit my documents as needed by WES."
  • ♦   The system calculates and provides the necessary time frame on its own.

It is up to you to decide on the assessment method and the specific courses to be evaluated. Make sure to include the name of the institution (add as many as you want).

Wes checks may be performed on a wide variety of diplomas, degrees, SSLC and HSC certificates, and other similar documents. Documentation requirements are different for each country.

Checking with the World Education Service is done for the goal of obtaining a credential evaluation (ECA). If you want to apply for permanent residency (PR), you'll need to get your high school diploma or GED certified by the Department of State (permanent resident).

Please note that all required fields on the Application form must be filled out before you can submit it. In a sealed envelope from the relevant institution, Quick Certification Services Pvt Ltd will get the attestation of legitimacy for your WES.

We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

Educational Documents.
♦   Degree Certificate
♦   PG Degree Certificate
♦   BE Certificate
♦   Diploma Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   SSC Certificate
♦   HSC Certificate
♦   Inter Certificate
♦   MBBS Certificate
♦   Dentists Certificate
♦   Engineering Certificate
♦   Transcript Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   Pharmacy Certificate
♦   MS Certificate
♦   MD Certificate

Non-Educational Documents.
♦   Marriage Certificate
♦   Birth Certificate
♦   Leaving Certificate
♦   Police Clearance
♦   Registration Certificate
♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
♦   Bona-fide Certificate
♦   Medical Certificate

Commercial Documents
♦   Export Invoice
♦   Packaging list
♦   Power of Attorney
♦   Certificate of Origin
♦   Certificate of incorporation
♦   Chemical analysis report
♦   Physical analysis report