Bahrain Embassy Attestation

Bahrain Embassy Attestation

Certificates or documents are to be attested from the Embassy of Bahrain, India. This process is required for legalizing the documents to be used in the Bahrain. Whether you are planning to move to Bahrain, then it is necessary to ensure that your documents are attested by the Embassy. The procedure may vary for each document, so it is necessary to know about them.

Need For Bahrain Embassy Attestation:
When planning to move to the Bahrain then, you need to get your documents attested to get legalization in the country. It is the standard procedure for every document. Without a proper Embassy Attestation, your document will not be valid in Bahrain. Below are the reasons for getting the Embassy Attestation

  • ♦   Helpful for someone having a plan to settle down in Bahrain
  • ♦   Helps to get kids admitted into Bahrain-based schools
  • ♦   Helps to have an employment visa, which adds more job opportunities
  • ♦   Helps with giving power of attorney along with getting the death benefits
  • ♦   Helps to get medical benefits
  • ♦   Helps to pursue higher education in Bahrain
  • ♦   Helps with getting promotions
  • ♦   Required when there is a change in the structure of salary

Steps For Submitting The Document:
Normally, you can submit the documents directly to Embassy. It could be a time-consuming process and also creates hassle. There are also many other options available for making the process less complicated. You can also opt to submit the documents hiring approved agents by the Ministry of External affairs. We are the leading and authorized organization ready to aid you with the complete document attestation. We are ready to make the process simple and effective. It is a completely safe and convenient option for getting your certificate attested. People trust our service for getting their documents attested by Embassy. When you are looking to attest your educational and non-educational documents, then you can follow the below instructions.

For The Educational Documents:
  • ♦   You can follow the below steps to get your educational documents attested.
  • ♦   Attestation on educational documents is done by Human Resource Development
  • ♦   Attested by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  • ♦   Attestation by Embassy of Bahrain, New Delhi

For Non – Educational Documents:
  • ♦   You can follow the below steps for getting your non-educational documents attested
  • ♦   Attestation is done by Home Department
  • ♦   Attestation will be made by the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi
  • ♦   Final attestation will be done by the Embassy of Bahrain, New Delhi

We can provide you attestation services for the following documents:

Educational Documents.
♦   Degree Certificate
♦   PG Degree Certificate
♦   BE Certificate
♦   Diploma Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   SSC Certificate
♦   HSC Certificate
♦   Inter Certificate
♦   MBBS Certificate
♦   Dentists Certificate
♦   Engineering Certificate
♦   Transcript Certificate
♦   Nursing Certificate
♦   Pharmacy Certificate
♦   MS Certificate
♦   MD Certificate

Non-Educational Documents.
♦   Marriage Certificate
♦   Birth Certificate
♦   Leaving Certificate
♦   Police Clearance
♦   Registration Certificate
♦   Power of Attorney Certificate
♦   Marriage Affidavit Certificate
♦   Bona-fide Certificate
♦   Medical Certificate

Commercial Documents
♦   Export Invoice
♦   Packaging list
♦   Power of Attorney
♦   Certificate of Origin
♦   Certificate of incorporation
♦   Chemical analysis report
♦   Physical analysis report