Bahrain Embassy Attestation

Bahrain Embassy Attestation

Bahrain Embassy Attestation - It is important to attest the documents to be attested from the Embassy of Bahrain, India to legalize them for their use in Bahrain. There are many different types of documents and attestation is required for all of them if one is planning to move to Bahrain for a longer duration but procedures may vary.

What are the benefits of Bahrain Embassy Attestation?
If someone is planning to move to Bahrain, it is important to attest the documents for making them legal there. The benefits of Embassy Attestation are as follows: -
  •   It helps in gaining employment visa and thus opens us to more job opportunities.
  •   It is very helpful for someone with plans of settling down there as it helps in getting residence visa and also visa for family, spouse and kids.
  •   It will benefit you in pursuing higher education in Bahrain.
  •   It will help you get your kids admitted in Bahrain based schools.
  •   It helps in getting one medical benefits and avail them like a Bahrain citizen does.
  •   It also helps in giving someone power of attorney and get death benefits.
  •   It is important for getting promotions and is required when there is a change in the structure of salary.

How to submit the documents?
The documents can be submitted to the Embassy by the individual directly but it would be a time consuming process and hassle for the person. In order to make your work less complicated and relaxed, you can also submit your documents through approved agents and organisations by Ministry of External affairs. We provide most convenient, safe and reliable service for your needs of attestation. You can trust us and get your documents attested by Embassy through us.

What is the procedure of attestation?
The attestation procedure for educational and non – educational documents is different from one another.

Educational documents – Below are the procedure for attesting educational documents.
  •   The first attestation on your educational documents is done by the Human Resource Development of the respective state of residence.
  •   It is then attested by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.
  •   The last attestation is made by the Embassy of Bahrain, New Delhi.

Non – Educational documents – Below are the procedures for attesting non educational documents
  •   The first attestation needs to be done by Home Department of respective state.
  •   The second attestation is made by Ministry of External affairs, New Delhi.
  •   The last and final attestation is done by the Embassy of Bahrain, New Delhi.

There are standard charges that are applied for attestation of different types of documents depending on the purpose. We are here at your service to provide the most reliable and affordable service. We understand the value of your time and thus will provide hassle free, quick service and respond to all your queries in the right way. We are one of the leading Embassy Attestation service providers and your documents are absolutely safe and protected with us.