Norka stands for the Non-Residential Keralites Affairs Department. This is the first department of Nonresident affairs in India. There are authentication centers are available in various states under the aegis of Kerala Government for the attestation service of educational, personal and commercial documentation. Currently Norka is submitting the documentations in the UAE, KSA and Kuwait embassies for the attestation according to the needs of the candidates.

Embassy Certificate Authentication by NORKA

Norka is a service that provides attested certificates to the nonresidential of Kerala. The Norka Certificate Attestation can open the way to the countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia for the jobs. You can apply for any relevant jobs in the Golf countries or go for an educational trip there with the attestation. This is a very essential certification and would be done from the Ministry of External Affairs. After this, the embassy would attest the documents. This will give you a peaceful travel to other countries.

One Stop Solution of Certificate Attestation

The Norka Attestation Services are the best solution for going to the Golf count should be done relevantly. The Norka will make it easy to travel to Golf countries. You can get your original documentations attested by the Norka and apply for the job in the Golf countries. As an overseas employee, you should have to attest your documents with Norka.

Norka Online Registration

You can fill your form online and get the authentication certificate. The prospective applicants can apply for the attested certificate with Norka and get the authentication from the Kerala Government experts. The nonresident of Kerala residing in abroad and did not return to their home state more than five years can apply for a Norka free ticket by registering their details online. The attestation services are based on the location and the requirements of the candidates. Hence, you can get a quick service from the department by requesting the necessity of travelling. Embassy Attestation would be followed after the Norka attested of your documents. 

Norka Attested is Essential for Gulf Countries

The Norka attested procedure is very important for the travelling of Gulf countries. Some of the Golf countries have guidelines for some jobs that would need some attested certificates for the employees. This would give you the full support to apply any job there and also you can go for an educational trip. So, make sure you would attest your documents from the efficient Norka Attested services.


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