The MEA stands for Ministry of External Affairs. For instant passport application and for some various valuable reasons MEA attestation service plays a vital role. The procedure of attestation service has been clearly defined for use abroad. The MIE attestation is of two types Apostille and normal attestation. This service includes the authenticated from the designated authorities of the ministry affairs according to the location.

Normal Attestation: can be done for all the Countries

This is a simple type of attestation service can be done in all the countries. The attestation procedure should be first authenticated by the authorities of the state from where the document has been issued. If there are any educational documents, the documents should be authenticated by the Education department of the signified state Government. In case of personal documentation, the designated general of home affairs authentication is required for the attestation.

Easy, Secure and Fast Attestation

You can acquire various attestation services for your passport or visa. Get an expert for the Attestation of Documents that manages tasks related to visa, passport, identity management and focus entirely on your benefits. The 100% genuine attestation service would provide you easier access to visa or passport. All documents attested by the designated agencies. The MEA authentication is very necessary for all your documentation and it can be processed further for embassy use.

Apostille Attestation: Done for Personal Documents

The documents that required for educational certificate attestation should be original certificate, passport copy and visa copy. This Apostille Attestation has done for personal documents like birth, marriage certificates, affidavits, power of attorney etc. Apostille is acceptable for personal authentication. This is the additional attestation of MEA attestation service. The authorized service is the best and genuine attestation service that is dealing with various attestation processes. 

Resolve the Attestation Related Issues

The educational, personal and commercial documentation of a person needs a MEA Attestation authentication from Government ministry of affairs. Your documents have to be authenticated by the State authorities and finally can be submitted for the attestation of MEA. This can be used for travelling purposes to other countries. This attestation confirms that the certificates are original and genuine. This is a legalized procedure and can be useful for the travelling or working purpose in foreign countries. Applicants always advised to apply for the attestation from a certified authority for a genuine service. 


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