The Indian Embassy or Consulate in Malaysia must confirm any educational or personal credentials granted by India before a Malaysian visa may be obtained.

Role of a notary public in certifying documents

Attestation is required for official purposes in Malaysia. The Notary will be completed first. You may submit the certificates for attestation by the home department once they have been attested by a notary. The Home Department attestation certifies that the certificate is authentic.

In Malaysia, the role of the Home Department in verifying the authenticity of a document is critical.

MEA requires confirmation from Home Department before any papers can be submitted. After confirming the certificate's content, the Home Department authenticates the certificate. Malaysian credentials are authenticated in the same manner as those from other countries, and all of the requirements are the same.

All certifications issued by government schools, government technical boards, medical and paramedical institutions, and universities are certified by the State Human Resource Department (HRD). Certificates that have been authenticated may now be sent to the Ministry of External Affairs and Malaysia Embassy Attestation. It's possible to receive MEA certification via the Mantralya attestation.

MEA certificate for malaysia

The ministry of foreign affairs of the government of India is responsible for attestation. Before presenting any certificate issued in any Indian state to the Malaysian Embassy, the Ministry of External Affairs shall certify it. The MEA requires an attestation from either the school district's education department or the home district's human services department. In addition to educational credentials, MEA also attests to business certifications and other non-educational forms of documentation.

Certification from the HRD.

Prior to receiving a Malaysian visa, the Malaysian government needs any educational/Personal certifications, professional or academic, issued from India to be authenticated by the Indian Embassy/Consulate in Malaysia.

Malaysia identification form 

When you have received the MEA's attestation, you may send the documents to the Malaysian Embassy for authentication. As long as the MEA has previously authenticated the certificate, the embassy will authenticate any educational and non-educational documents.

SDM malaysia certification 

In Delhi, the Sub Divisional Magistrate's office is located. The certificate may be submitted to MEA attestation after it has been attested by SDM and then the Embassy once it has been attested by MEA.

Fees for the Malaysian embassy's certificate attestation may change from time to time. Call or send a letter to get an official confirmation of your charges.


The MOFA ministry in the nation or state where you want to study or work must certify your papers once they have been certified by the issuing country or state.

Please be aware that using MOFA may result in extra fees. For attestation from the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), the process takes eight working days.


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